rohan bloom foundation

The Rohan Bloom Foundation's vision is to build Rohan House, a children's hospice dedicated to restoring dignity and offering the necessary care, resources and support to terminal children and their families.

january 2015

A Painful Journey

Rohan was diagnosed with an extremely rare case of Ewing’s Sarcoma, soon after he was made captain of his provincial cricket team and gained entry into the prestigious Bishops School for Boys in Cape Town. The immediate prognosis was three months of intensive chemotherapy, the removal of the tumour and the affected rib and months of grueling radiation treatment.

15th of April 2016

His last fight

Despite the intolerable pain he endured during his last months and days, Rohan never gave up.

When the time came, no-one who knew him believed he was gone. Those who loved him, those who knew him and those who – through the whispers of others – heard about a brave young boy made to suffer more than most men could bare.

Rohan left us the way he came to us: fighting.

his fight lives on

No child and no family, should ever endure the horrors of the disease that took away our champion
with gratitude

to our friends of the Rohan Bloom foundation