The Forever 14 #245 Challenge 2020

This year saw the Rohan Bloom Foundation launch the first Forever 14 #245 Challenge in honour of what would have been Rohan’s birthday on the 24th of May.

Rohan was a true Legend, having to find his 245 zone more than any young person should have to, as he battled daily with the bouts of chemotherapy that he had to endure in the hope of saving his life. Rohan had to push himself way out of his comfort zone each and every day from the day he was diagnosed.

He lost his battle but left us inspired to live a life of courage and dignity.

Ordinary people from all over the world took part in the challenge, pushing themselves to a limit they never thought possible. It is the power of the mind and spirit of the heart that allows us to do this.

The challenges touched so many lives that day.

A family sitting together in the face of adversity and writing 245 notes of gratitude as their young son fights cancer, people pushing their bodies to the extreme by planking for 245 seconds, running, swimming in the icy waters, cycling, collecting 245 pairs of shoes to distribute to those in need, making sandwiches, donating 245 tins of food and so many more wonderful challenges that truly humbled us.

The Forever 14 #245 Challenge will proudly become an annual event held on Rohan’s birthday to honour his courageous fight and legacy.

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