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Emilia Bisogno

Emilia Bisogno is a 24-year-old BCom graduate with an honours in Fashion Retail.

She went on to do an internship with The Guild Group which specializes in African contemporary art & design where she took the role as a junior communications officer. This led her to being the PR & Communications Manager at Newmark Hotels, Reserves, Lodges & Residences.

During her time at Newmark, she worked closely with the Rohan Bloom Foundation and has bonded with the brand and the cause it supports, as well as the individuals that make it all happen.

So far in her affiliation with the Foundation, she has assisted with online/social media campaigns as well as being an active participant in fundraising events.

Emilia comes from a background where great support for NGOs is part of her DNA. Emilia continues to assist in making a difference within her community and beyond.

Through dedication, commitment and passion, Emilia wishes and hopes to continue to fulfil her role as the Young Global Ambassador of the Rohan Bloom Foundation.

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