Double Century

In 2017, Britt Hyland, an avid triathlete, decided to put a team together of twelve cyclists and ride Double Century in honour of the Rohan Bloom Foundation. Britt helped to design cycling kit for the race in the Foundation’s colours and in this way, helped to spread awareness of who we are and what we stand for, bringing new sponsors on board.

The goal of the team in their maiden ride for the Foundation was to finish with a full team, and although all had to dig deep throughout the day to attain that goal, just knowing the suffering that Rohan endured kept them going.

At that stage, Rod did not own a bicycle but joined the team as an extremely useful support driver on the day. Having experienced and felt the incredible camaraderie and spirit amongst the team members as well as their support for the Foundation, Rod made it quite clear he would be doing the next Double Century event with the team and they have done so every year since.

On 30 September 2018, Britt launched her new venture – The K8 Multisport Tribe, her own brand and this was the beginning of a very special bond and cycling team now known as the Rohan Bloom Foundation Double Century Team Powered by K8.

“Riding the Double Century for the Rohan Bloom Foundation powered by K8 has been very special for me” says Britt.

The Rohan Bloom Foundation is extremely grateful for Britt’s continuous support, each year assisting with the intensive training and build up to the race. We are equally grateful to all the cyclists who undertake this gruelling race in our honour.

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