The Rohan Bloom Foundation took a decision to partner up with Paedspal and together work towards setting up a much-needed children's hospice and palliative care unit in Cape Town…..

Dr Meiring is founder of Paedspal, a pediatric palliative outpatient care centre. Paedspal supports families trying to do the impossible and who are facing enormous struggles with children whom have chronic illnesses that may not be curable.They do this through their multi-disciplinary pediatric palliative care team that includes doctors, counsellors, social workers and therapists including aromatherapy, art and music therapy.

They see families at different points and in different places along their journey...in hospitals, in their out-patient clinic situated at Rondebosch Medical center and sometimes at home.

Paedspal mobilizes existing resources where possible to ensure that there is sustainable relief. This is hard though especially within our healthcare gaps and in the context of poverty experienced by so many.

They do not stop supporting families after the child has died.. and services are extended in to the bereavement stage. Paedspal is a Non-Profit Organisation and is privately funded but no child is turned away even if they cant afford treatment.

Paedspal is also meeting an import gap in the public healthcare sector that is not sufficiently covered by government services, due to a lack of skills and policy.

This facility would be able to provide relief for families whether in the form of respite care, pain and symptom control or terminal care, Most families don’t have resources at home to take care of their very ill and dying children and Hospitals are just not the right environment.


Paedspal Cape Town is a public-private partnership programme that provides care and support for children.



Provide a resource to comfort, support and educate families in their fight against this monstrous disease.