A Champion

The Rohan Bloom Foundation was established with one clear goal in mind: to bring patients and families of children’s cancer together and provide a resource to comfort, support and educate them in their fight against this monstrous disease.

In the last weeks and months of his fight against a rare and aggressive form of children’s cancer – Ewing’s Sarcoma – Rohan Bloom and his family endured the full horror of his disease: extreme pain, indignity, fear and desperation. So much of this could have been eased or avoided with the right facilities, resources and information, but despite the best efforts of the best doctors and nurses in South Africa, it simply wasn’t enough.

After he passed, Rohan’s father, Rodney, vowed that no child, no family, should ever have to suffer the way Rohan suffered. He started the Rohan Bloom Foundation, with the help and expertise of like-minded friends, to ensure that Rohan’s legacy is a lasting one, and that his valiant fight and spirit against all odds would never be forgotten.



The Rohan Bloom Foundation is building a base from which the vision can become reality. Among its major initiatives is a fundraising drive to raise money for the first and only children’s cancer hospice in Africa.

Another important initiative is a collaboration with established doctors and children’s cancer specialists connected to a network of global experts that can offer advice and direction to patients and families, and if needed propose second opinions or alternative treatment options when all other local options have been exhausted.

Rohan was – and is – a champion, and in his name and memory, his refusal to admit defeat until his last breath continues today.